New L.A. Agency Critically Analyzes Markets And Marketing To Resolve Problems And Improve Strategies

LOS ANGELES — Ad agency malpractice. Misleading statistics. Unexpected competitors and customers. And misplaced spending priorities. Those are just a few of the problems that new L.A. agency Marketing Forensics reveals and remedies for its clients.

Founded by award-winning marketing veteran and professor Freddy J. Nager, Marketing Forensics critically analyzes a company’s market and performance, both qualitatively and quantitatively. The agency then provides detailed recommendations in a step-by-step marketing plan. To avoid conflict of interest, Marketing Forensics does not sell creative services or media buying, leaving those activities to a client’s marketing team and vendors.

“We basically clean up marketing messes — including some that clients didn’t know they had,” said Nager, who teaches marketing communications management at the University of Southern California and has over 25 years of front-line experience, including lead creative roles at MCA Records/Universal Marketing Group and major ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi.

“Since marketing is both an art and a science, it can be vague and confusing, subject to trends and fads, and filled with myths and misleading ‘experts.’ So a lot of unscrupulous or simply uninformed consultants and agencies take advantage of clients, and sell them on tactics and so-called ‘results’ that don’t really matter. My team at Marketing Forensics digs deep to uncover issues and discover opportunities. In other words, we find what works, what doesn’t, and what’s a complete waste of time. Then we provide the plans to do marketing right.”

Marketing Forensics recently helped a major business school research their past and prospective students, evaluate competitors, and analyze the work of both the school’s internal marketing team and digital agency. “We discovered a number of problems on the execution side, from a website that wasn’t mobile friendly, to an expensive online campaign that was off-target and under-performing — yet still being pushed by the digital agency,” said Nager. “At the same time, we found obvious ways for the school to stand out from their competitors and reach new target markets — including some hidden opportunities right on campus.”

Nager emphasized that, unlike other agencies, Marketing Forensics does not profit off its recommendations. “For example, if we suggest TV advertising, we do so only because it’s right for the client. There’s no money for us in the production and placement. Likewise, as an objective third party, we can recommend shutting down any program that’s not working, since we’re not risking a place on the company ladder by declaring a ‘failure.’ Our mission is solely to help clients solve problems, save money, and surpass goals.”

Marketing Forensics is a division of media company Atomic Tango LLC, which Nager launched in 2007 as an advertising agency serving startups. Atomic Tango has since evolved into a media company and parent to multiple ventures, with the consulting practice spun off as Marketing Forensics in June of this year.

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