Every great story needs an ARC…

Marketing Forensics ARCIn Hollywood, great stories have a narrative arc spanning 3 acts, from exposition to resolution.

The Marketing Forensics ARC spells out your marketing narrative, from exposition to resolution, with 3 primary acts: Analyze, Reveal, and Construct.

All 3 acts can vary in duration and depth, depending on your budget and time-sensitive needs. Find out more below…

  • Pain points first: Other agencies start by setting campaign goals, often ignoring business needs. In fact, those goals might create problems if they focus on the wrong metrics or market altogether. To make sure the right goals are set, we start with your business pain points: What’s troubling you about your company and your market? What other issues exist — including those you might not be aware of?
  • Both quantitative and qualitative audits: Most marketing professionals analyze data. To make sense of those numbers, we also critically evaluate the quality of your media and messages, user experience, value offering, even service level. To conduct these marketing audits, we employ several analytical frameworks, professional experience, and both academic and corporate research. In particular, we keep an eye out for waste, inefficiencies, and hidden opportunities.
  • Market research beyond the obvious: We analyze all key stakeholders, including the customers you have, the customers you want, and the customers you might not have thought about. We also research competitors to find their strengths and weaknesses, and your opportunities to differentiate. And we research key players in your community, such as influencers, collaborators, investors, and talent.
  • Not just reporting: Thanks to widely adopted tools such as Google Analytics, generating statistics is easy, but most stats are irrelevant distractions. We critically assess the data — what’s useful, what causes concern, and what you can completely ignore — then explain the numbers in context. For example, how do they compare to the competition and to industry averages? More importantly, WHY are you getting these results?
  • Unfiltered and unbiased: Our goal is to solve problems, which requires telling the hard truth, even if it’s controversial. For example, we may challenge long-standing practices (“the way things are always done around here”) and recommend shifting budgets from one department (or vendor) to another. We also always speak plainly and directly — no spin, no jargon.
  • Questioning the answers: We endorse research, but skeptically evaluate the sources, the methods, and the results. For example, we always ask whether the study researched the right customers, asked the right questions, and generated new insights or simply provided answers that someone wanted to hear.
  • Objective and customized next steps: We don’t stop with analysis and findings. (No one needs another report that just gathers dust.) We also don’t push formulas or prepackaged solutions. We construct unique, step-by-step plans tailored to your market and needs. In addition, we’re media and method agnostic, recommending only what will work, not necessarily what’s trendy or “cutting edge.”
  • Original concepts and strategies: We don’t believe in “best practices” (the temporary answers to another company’s questions). We believe successful marketing requires constructive ideas that differentiate you from the competition, enhance your brand, drive the right customer behaviors, and ideally generate a media buzz.
  • Overseeing not executing: Beyond a limited amount of writing, we do not execute any of the creative work or marketing tactics. Rather, we can help you find, vet, train, and direct another agency or contractor to implement the creative and media. We can also recommend agencies and contractors we trust, but hiring them is completely at your discretion. (Full disclosure: if you choose to contract them, we do receive a referral fee).